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Our Initiatives

Single Species Conservation

Beavers: In recent years we have focused on beavers, funding beaver education, rewilding initiatives and working with state and federal leaders to push forth a complete narrative in favor of beaver reintroduction and beaver program management. We are focused on North American, Europe and Asia, with active programs in the US state of Georgia (Chattahoochee River, Etowah River), the US state of Colorado (Colorado Headwaters Region); the south of England, the highlands of Scotland and the rivers of Bulgaria.

Apex Predators: Our most recent species program is apex predator conservation and protection - lynx, wolves, mountain lion and wolverines - in North America and the Europe. It is out ambition to eliminate the hunting of apex predators in all parts of the world - especially North America and Europe - and to engage would be apex predator killers (hunters and trappers) to use “non-lethal” methods.

Birds: Part of our beaver program is to help birds. Beavers created standing water which serves as a habitat for many birds. HFF Nature Trust supports conservation of birds of all types, from whooping cranes to birds of prey to wild fowl. 

Image by Tim Umphreys

Natural Habitats

We believe in native plants, native species and wild spaces. This includes mountains, rivers and riparian zones, meadows, suburban and urban areas. HFF Nature Trust was formed to help strengthen habitats.

Vervet Monkey
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