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What We Do

A Park in Munich

Urban Rewilding Programs

Working with cities, states and NGOs across the world, we develop and implement rewilding programs which include reintroduction of native species and bird habitats in urban and suburban areas.

Conservation Partnerships

Sometimes the best partners are brands and communities who have yet to embrace nature, citizen science and rewilding. Through investment and cooperation with stakeholders we facilitate community engagement that supports nature.

Image by v2osk

Wildlife Advocacy

We believe in animal rights, wild animals should be free. We push forth narratives to achieve this goal. We do this by lobbying, producing media and education material and by funding and organizing grass roots actions. While we support all wildlife, our immediate focus is beavers, birds, apex predators and insects. 

Education & Outreach

We produce nature centered media for educational purposes, for advocacy and for entertainment. We also create curriculum for K-12 students in the US. 

Image by Zdeněk Macháček
What We Do: Activities
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